Sarah Saputri

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Sarah Saputri

was born in Bandung, Indonesia (September 28, 1990). She is an Indonesian singer, song writer and harmonica player.

Sarah became known by playing the original soundtrack of Manusia Harimau, Merry Riana The Movie, Ayat - Ayat Cinta 2, and many more.

Sarah started playing harmonica in 2012, she learned from her teacher, Mr. Hari Pochang.

Sarah loves to use her harmonicas for various genres like blues, country, Sundanese and popular music in Indonesia. At the end of 2019, Sarah released her first solo album titled “Pengikut Hati” on which you can hear an instrumental song for harmonica. Sarah's vision is to introduce the harmonica to her audience, especially in her homecountry Indonesia.  Her mission is to play popular songs on harmonica in Indonesia.


  • Indonesian Beauty as “Mars & Venus” by Vicky Sianipar
  • The Top 40 Finalists of Indonesian Idol 2010
  • Panji Sakti mini album 2012 (Sony Music Malaysia) MD Entertainment Label
  • OST. Ayat-Ayat Cinta 2, Merry Riana, Surga Yang Tak Di Rindukan 2, dll
  • The Best Female Harmonica Player in Indonesia (2013)
  • Bachelor of Psychology 
  • Heirloom princess of Dieng(2017 - till now) 
  • Wonosobo Honorary Tourism Ambassador (2017)

We are proud to have Sarah Saputri in our SEYDEL endorser team!



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Sarah Saputri
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