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Aki Kumar
Dynamic frontman & harp player Aki Kumar is a bonafide star among the next generation of West Coast blues artists and the world's first professional blues harmonica player to hail from India. A master of the hugely influential Chicago blues sound, Kumar inherits his style from the harp legends of the 1950s and 60s. Aki has a unique voice in the blues, blending elements of blues harmonica pioneers of yesteryear with a signature sound of his own.
"..old school blues at its finest by way of India. And the lad has soul to spare."
Dan Aykroyd aka Elwood Blues

Born and raised in Bombay (now Mumbai) - India, Kumar established his mark on the West Coast blues scene as frontman of the SF Bay Area's highly acclaimed blues outfit Tip of the Top. His latest venture, The Aki Kumar Blues Band, involves several Bay Area blues luminaries and has been the culmination of his journey through American roots music. The band performs vintage blues with tremendous skill and energy and is guaranteed to entertain audiences across all venues, from intimate listening rooms to large festivals.
"(Kumar) has a natural propensity for the music, with a rich, deep tone and a sensitive, economic style that emphasizes feel over flash."
Jonny Whiteside, LA TIMES

In recent years, Aki Kumar has performed all across the United States and internationally (Norway, UK, France, Belgium, Netherlands, India), collaborating with some of the top blues artists on the scene. He has also contributed his blues harmonica licks to numerous recordings produced on the West Coast in the last decade. 2016 marks another exciting year for Aki Kumar, with upcoming recording projects, European appearances, featured performances at Mark Hummel's renowned blues harp blowouts and other musical collaborations across the country!

Kumar plays Seydel "1847 Classic" harps at his shows and on his recordings.

He believes: "...there are many great brands of harmonicas out there, but the Seydel 1847 offers the perfect combination of quality, durability and richness of tone that I am looking for..."


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Aki Kumar
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