Alexander Paclin

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Alexander Paclin

Russia's secret harp weapon!

It took Alex only two years to master the harmonica playing, and now his music is a true work of art. Combining the best of modern players' styles and techniques, Alex has developed a unique sound and style - very fluid, musical, and deep in tone.

When Jason Ricci heard Alex play, he wrote: "WOW ! Your playing is smooth, logical, intelligent, cohesive and elegant and if I humbly helped to inspire such greatness I thank you sir."

The consistency and coherence of his sound are amazing. Overblows sound like any other notes - not distracting, but smooth and musical, coupled by deep vibrato. Sometimes one may wonder - is it humanly possible to produce such huge sounds from this tiny little instrument?

Watch Alex play, and see for yourself. Young and daring, Alex Paclin is already a harp superstar - and he will surely be one of the most influential harp players in the future.
Alex plays the SEYDEL 1847 CLASSICs:
"The 1847 CLASSIC is the most durable and nice sounding harmonica that I ever got!"

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Alexander Paclin
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