Chris Turner

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Chris Turner

Born into a musical family in London, England, Chris Turner learned harmonica and recorder as a child. He has been playing professionally since 1967 working in a variety of idioms including Folk, Rock, Blues, Jazz, Country, Early and Avant-garde music.

While traveling extensively in Europe and Africa, he assimilated many different musical styles. Early in the 1970's, Chris studied composition with Christopher Small and improvisation with John Stevens.

In 1975, Chris Turner was recognized for his virtuosity when he was awarded the European Harmonica Championship. Chris has toured with numerous professional bands and appears on many recordings . 

He has worked extensively as a Composer, Music Director, and Arranger for various theatrical organizations including Rhode Island*s prestigious Trinity Repertory Company, as well as for films, animations, radio and t.v. Besides a variety of harmonicas, Chris is also proficient on flutes, bagpipes, shawrns, keyboards, brass, synthesizers and some percussion.

Welcome Chris! We are happy that you like our instruments and to have you on board!

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Chris Turner
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