Mike "Wezo" Wesolowski

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Mike "Wezo" Wesolowski

Influenced heavily by Paul Butterfield, James Cotton and Kim Wilson, ‘Wezo” started playing harp in the early 70s.

“My first instrument was guitar, but after a while I looked around and there were all these real good guitar players out there and I realized I wasn’t one of them”.

So began the quest for the perfect harp tone. Wezo found an inspired interest in piedmont style country blues and began to collect and listen to everything he could get his hands on in that genre. In the early 90’s he played with an acoustic trio called The Ministers of Sinister and recorded an album on the New Moon label.

While with New Moon, Wezo had the opportunity to record with Lightning’ Wells, Highway 61, and Big Boy Henry and later starting a Jump/Swing band called Blues-A-Matic, with local guitar slinger Bryan Smith. “Blues World Order started off as an off-night house band at a neighborhood bar in Greensboro N.C. and when Blues-A-Matic shut down in 2001, it just made sence to pursue the gig scene with this band”.

“My love of harp playing has taken me in lots of different directions. I’ve had the opportunity to play on other peoples projects which included jazz, country, and rock. I don’t want people to think that because I’m a harp player, all I play is blues." Wezo (as he is known) is the primary vocalist and harp player for his band "Blues World Order".

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Mike "Wezo" Wesolowski
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