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Post Modern One Man Band: harmonicas, vocals, stomp, shaker and loopstation, these are the instruments played by Paul Demon to create live his music. The new album “Busy Crossroads”, released in May 2017, represents in total his unique and personal musical style: an explosive mix of old school blues and new contemporary groove.

Paolo Demontis aka Paul Demon was born in Italy in 1974 and started playing harmonica self-taught when he was seventeen. Now he’s a professional harmonica player, an innovator of the expressive possibilities of the instrument, an engaging live performer and a valued harmonica teacher.

In 1999 he was invited by the prestigious Jazz Center Torino (now Jazz School Torino) to hold a blues harmonica course in various classes of students, collaboration that will continue for the next two years, then defined as an independent teaching activity.

In 2013 he creates , first Italian blues harmonica video lessons website, innovating the educational system on the harmonica and filling a void that he found himself at the beginning of his experience as harmonica apprentice.

lways fond of blues, jazz, folk, rock and beyond, learned the traditional language of the harmonica through the study of the great American masters of the instrument, becoming soon a valued Chicago Blues style harmonica player. With his band, in 10 years of hot live concerts, he shared the stage with numerous star overseas, including Mark Hummel, Bob Margolin, Brian Templeton and many others.

In 2014 he began his new solo career, based on new forms of expression of the harmonica and original compositions that link the traditional language of the blues with more contemporary sounds and musical genres with high component of groove.

In 2015 he published "Looping 'The Blues," his first solo album, acting as New Modern One Man Band: 9 original songs which fully express his willingness to musical creativity, ranging from traditional, to funk, rap, reggae, afro beat, composing and recording it all. From that moment begins an intense tour of concerts as a one harmonica man band, refining a live show based on performance, entertainment, creativity, innovation and gaining a strong interest from the public and event organizers.

"Loopin’ The Blues", the live show of Paul Demon, is the result of much experience and its musical nature experience: a new mix of tradition and modernity, where the rough and basic sounds, but always full of emotions and stories, of the old one man band of blues origins, are combined the sounds of today, using beatbox, playing bass with his voice and a octaver, playing different types of harmonicas, in particular low-tuned, diatonic and chromatic, using a multi track loopstation to create his "Blues & Groove", all strictly live, building a repertoire that mainly consists of original songs.

In 2017 he released his second album “Busy Crossroads”, 13 original songs all recorded playing only harmonicas, stomp, shaker and loopstation, representing in total his unique and personal musical style: an explosive mix of old school blues and new contemporary groove.

Nobody taught to Paul Demontis how to play his instrument, but today is a valued artist and innovator of the harmonica, both for the show that offers, unique instrumentation and sound proposals, that for educational activities he carries out.


He plays Seydel Harmonicas. As he says: great tone and amazing sounding harps!

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Paul Demon
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