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Roberto Galli

Talking about Roberto Galli means talking about the Blues. This musician has been bound to this genre since his youth through playing the harmonica, also known as blues harp. This little but powerful instrument allowed him to experience unique moments in the world of music during his professional career. He was born in Mar del Plata, (Argentina) and has been working as a professional musician for more than twenty-five years. He´s played and collaborated with different consolidated groups of the music scene of his hometown as well as the Buenos Aires´ thriving live music scene.

Eager to explore new horizons, he decided to move to Europe, settling in Palma de Mallorca, Spain, where he plays with internationally and regionally renowned musicians.

In 2013 he had there the privilege of sharing the stage with Bob Bargolin, Muddy Waters´ legendary guitarist Bob Margolin.

In 2016, he launched his new project "The Rhythm Workers", a very interesting Blues, Swing & Latin Jazz quartet with a sophisticated repertoire composed by all-time blues, soul, swing, and jazz standards.

In 2019 he shared the stage with the Argentine´s oldest and most prestigious blues band: "La Mississippi" in his 30-year of the band tour of Spain.

Roberto is currently still exploring the versatility of his instrument, performing and studying its use in different genres like Jazz, Tango, Latin American Rhythms or "World Music" using diatonic and chromatic harmonicas. In addition to his live performances as a freelance musician, he is active teaching workshops, masterclasses and music lessons to students of all levels and ages in his own harmonica school.

Finally, he is also a harmonica luthier who repairs, customizes and provides maintenance work for all types of harmonicas.

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Roberto Galli
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