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Bruno Castro

Bruno Castro is a Brazilian Rock/Blues Harmonica Player/Singer with 16 years dedicated to the instrument.
Unlike most Blues Harp Players who choose between Modern or Traditional harp playing style, Bruno´s identity revolves around a mix of some of the Great Blues "Traditional" Players, such as William Clarke and Gary Primich, and Modern Ones, such as Jason Ricci and John Popper.

Bruno has shared the stage with the likes of John Popper(USA), Jason Ricci(USA), Bob Sheppard(Canada), Los Mind Lagunas(Mexico), Daniel Hunter(Australia/France), Douglas Oliveira(BR), Fred Sunwalk(BR), Gustavo Andrade(BR), Mauricio Winckler(BR), Waldemar Weitzel(BR) and many other great blues/rock musicians across the World. He´s been praised by Blues Traveler´s Front Man (John Popper) as a "Brilliant" Player.

Bruno is a Rock/Soulful player who doesn´t hold back in his playing and will pour out blazing harp riffs whenever the song opens room for it setting the stage on fire.
Currently Bruno is running two projects, a Pop Rock/Blues >Duo with Guitarist Jr. Valdez, and a Blues Band called BLUE HAZE where he is in charge of Vocals and Harmonica Playing.

Bruno chose to play Seydel Harmonicas..."because of their unique full sound, added to state of the art manufacturing process and stainless steel reeds which I know add to the sound and durability of the harmonica in an extreme way".

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Bruno Castro
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