1847 L.E. 160

1847 L.E.
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The masterpiece as a limited edition on the occasion of our 160th company anniversary.

This year we introduced the 1847 the first serial produced harmonica with stainless steel reeds - on the occasion of our 160th anniversary our engineers developed an ennobled version, the 1847 L.E..

The highest demands on craftsmanship and materials were put into this model - the result is overwhelming. The 160 produced instruments are the most precious Blues harmonicas that ever left our manufacture. They demonstrate Seydel's demand on quality and the pride of their makers.


  • Cover-plates made of massive 0.4 mm thick Silver 935 with very special "outer bevel" - embossment, with silvered cover-plate screws
  • Silver-plated reed-plates with stainless steel reeds and stainless steel rivets, secured with 7 silver-plated screws Sealed
  • five layers,wooden body made of the reddish real wood Bubinga
  • Key-label and letters on the back of the comb are mill-cut and filled with silver colour
  • The serial number is engraved into a solid silver plate on the left side of the comb


Each 1847 L.E. comes with a very special Bubinga box, which is also handmade in Germany, with inserted LE-certificate.

160 harmonicas in the key of C, like they have never existed before!

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