Guy Dagan

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Harmonica Guy 'The Rye' Dagan is one of Israel's leading Blues Harmonica Players and teachers, as well as a vocal performer and band leader.

Among his harmonica students you can find israeli performers, theater actors & cinema actors as well as rappers hip hop singers and recording artists.

He got his first harmonica at age 10 from his step-father, and never stopped playing since. Son to one of Israel's most famous soul singers, Tsillah Dagan, as a child he followed her live shows always, later becoming her personal composer & stage partner for the 10 years prior to her untimely death from cancer.

Guy Dagan, together with 'Lightnin' B' Assaf Barak are Lightning' Hits The Rye Bluesrock duo . Getting together with legendary Israeli performer Ephraim Shamir, former member of Israel's mythological seventies band Poogie (Kaveret), he plays the blues monthly at the Shablul Jazz club down at Tel Aviv's old port area.

Guy also plays with the israeli Stevie Wonder Tribute. These days Guy is leader of the Heeby Gee Bees blues band, electric Chicago style blues band. He also works as a recording session harmonica artist. Married and a proud father to a 2 year old boy.

Guy Dagan

This is what he says about SEYDEL-harmonicas:

"Hi, Harmonica Guy Dagan here. I have chosen Seydel harmonicas for it has a combination of the best sounding instrument I have ever played, a precise action and swift responding reeds as well as a fine-constructed tight body. Mostely I use Seydel 1847 wooden model both acousticly and amplified, & also the Favorite Classic model wiche I find ergonomic shaped and fast-responding. As a busy stage performer I find the Seydel reed replacement method an easy and important additional aspect."

Guy Dagan
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