Lukasz Wisniewski

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Lukasz Wisniewski

One of the leading polish harmonica players, a charismatic bandleader, appreciated session musician and teacher.

Łukasz Wiśniewski can definitely be counted among the musicians who are bringing diatonic harmonica into the new millennium as an instrument both respected and admired by a constantly growing number of followers. His characteristic and easily recognizable style is hard to define in a few words – it consistently avoids clichés and searches for its own, original musical path. It's impressive to hear all the influences in Łukasz's music: traditional blues is combined here with an equal dose of traditional, classical and jazz music. Filtered though the individual sensitivity of the musician, they acquire an entirely new, unique and inimitable quality.

It should be mentioned that Łukasz Wiśniewski is also a superb vocalist with a beautifully expressive, powerful voice. His experience as a singer clearly influences his harmonica style, as it focuses on good melody rather than virtuoso technique. For Wiśnia, virtuosity, which he no doubt possesses, is only a means to an end and not an aim in itself. Wiśnia's music projects never fail to gain followers among blues and rock fans, as well as among those who are simply keen on good music. His band, Blue Machine, which plays energetic blues-rock, is certainly one of the most interesting projects of its kind on the Polish music scene.

Although ambitious, the music of Blue Machine proves again and again that blues is mainly good fun and serves as a remedy for everyday problems. Blues fans, for their part, regularly prove this to be true by showing an undiminished enthusiasm at the band's concerts. Going along with the success of Blue Machine, Hard Times, Wiśnia's second project, is a great achievement in refreshing acoustic blues.

Several elements constitute the incomparable character of this band: Wiśnia’s economical, melodious harmonica and his characteristic expressive voice, as well as two radically different guitars. The clash of the elegant and sophisticated flamenco guitar with the pulsing, raw blues guitar is a contrast which intrigues and enchants the audience. Each and every Hard Times concert is an interactive show, during which the listeners are seduced by the spontaneity of the musicians, their ability to build up emotions and the lightness with which they play their instruments.

Wiśnia also teaches harmonica and participates in many other projects. He regularly organises harmonica workshops in his home town of Kraków and other Polish cities. He was one of the instructors at the International Harmonica Workshop Under Sail - Croatia 2010. He was invited as a session musician by Jarosław Śmietana, an excellent jazzman, to record his album Psychedelic.

Music of Jimi Hendrix, where he played alongside the eminent violinist Nigel Kennedy and Paweł Mąciwoda, known worldwide as the bassist for Scorpions. So, if you think blues, as a genre, should be resigned to the museum and that nothing new can be played on the harmonica, then surely you haven’t heard any of Łukasz Wiśniewski’s music. It’s high time you made up for it.

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Lukasz Wisniewski
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