Erik Niemeyer

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Erik Niemeyer

Erik - also called ' Mr. Harmaniac' - started playing guitar in The Second Hand Blues Band in 1986. Soon after, he concluded the band needed a bluesharp. So in ’88 he started practicing the harmonica.

After many hours of listening to men like Little Walter, Sonny Terry, Sonny Boy Williamson and many others he stopped playing the guitar and committed completely to the Bluesharp. Erik plays in two bands - Sugadaddy & the Honeydrippers and GG and the Cruisers.
He also performs the Guitar Guy as a duo.

He recorded five CD’s. The first one, with the Dixymeyer Blues Band , was named  ‘Harmaniac’. Since that time he is called Mr. Harmaniac.

He came to know the Seydel harmonica’s when SEYDEL send him one to test. After playing it, he initially was convinced. Now he’s playing the 1847 Classic’s as his favorite harp.

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Erik Niemeyer
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