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SEYDEL's Next Generation High Tuned Harmonicas: ranging from high G (HG) to high Bb (HBb). The 1847 HBb is the highest tuned Blues-Harmonica in the world - of course with Stainless Steel reeds.

>1847 CLASSIC Low available as well in extra low keys: LF#-LLE

SEYDEL's Next-Generation High-Harmonicas: the highest pitched Blues harmonica in the world - with new soprano design & Stainless Steel reeds.

The 1847 CLASSIC High is now available in high tunings, redesigned to include a 20% thinner comb (5.2mm instead of 6.2mm). Available keys range from HG (high G) up to HBb (high B flat). This innovation expands our 1847 line of Stainless Steel reed harmonicas to include the extreme soprano range.

SEYDEL’s 1847 HBb is the highest tuned diatonic harmonica worldwide.

In comparison to the 'standard tuned' models, high-tuned harmonicas offer a powerful brilliant and carrying sound making them an excellent choice for soloing, even without using an amplifier. This considerably extends the range of application and opens many new possibilities for harmonica players.

To get the desired sound out of the high-tuned models the notes need less space. The resonance chamber, decreased by the 20% thinner comb (fully sealed maple wood) of the 1847 High models, helps the player to form a smaller mouth cavity (like vocalizing an "e") thus producing the rich and penetrating sound with a very fast tonal response.

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