Tomek Kaminski

Polnische Harmonica Attack


Kaminski, Kielak, Leczycki Wisniewski - Harmonijkowy Atak "Harpcore" - bestes polnisches Blues Album 2011

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Tomek Kaminski

He is a leading figure in Polish blues and blues-rock music scene, and in the same time, one of the most distinguishable populariser of harmonica in Poland. During a dozen years of his music carreer, he had already been a leader of few bands that permanently went down in history of Polish blues. Also, he worked with head artists from Poland, as well as from abroad.

So far, on the list of his co-workers we could find for example “Kasa Chorych” - (one of the most important Polish blues bands), or masters of harmonica such as Mátyás Pribojszki (Hungary), or Erich "Boboš" Procházka (Slovakia). For few years he had been working with charizmatic American singer and guitarist Sean McMahon, and together they recorded two albums, on which apperaed classic blues standards in new arrangement. During realization of many different projects, he had multiple occasions to present his remarkable harmonica skill to the audience of major blues festivals in Poland (Rawa Blues, Fall with Blues, Olsztyn Blues Nights) and Eastern Europe  (Hungarian Szigied Festival).


Lately, Tomek Kaminski was seen mainly in the band Harpcore. As the originator of the project, he invited three other great Polish harmonica players to work with on it. The point was to present to the audience, what can be acomplished with the use of this tiny instrument. From the little side-project, which Harpcore intially was, it quickly turned into one of the most recognizible blues-rock brands in Poland. It became evident when „Twój Blues” quarterly magazine published yearly title rewards, where a debutant CD got the „best album of 2011” and in the latest plebiscite the band  became „the band of the year 2012”, which is certainly the way how blues fans appreciate tireless peformant activity of the band and it's now famous stage elan, being constant and undisputable reassurance of great fun.  Tomek, together with the Harpcore band, keeps getting more fans concentrating now on France and Germany.

As an unusually active artist, Tomek has already started with a new project. Under the emblem of Tomek Kamiński Band, in the beginning of year 2013, he published his >new album -  „Groove”, which is outstanding presentation of his skills in a totally new context.


The new CD contains mainly original repertoire, mostly focusing around funky style, although not fully freed from the influence of fusion music. The master parts of harmonica play, are accompanied by equally splendid other instruments, and additional attraction of the album is participation of three gifted and outstanding female vocalists.


Tomek Kamiński has also been appreciated and much renowned teacher of harmonica for many years, invited countless times to take part in music workshops in Poland and abroad.

>Tomek Kaminski on Wikipedia

Tomek Kaminski
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