Bobby "BlackHat" Walters

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Bobby "BlackHat" Walters

Bobby "BlackHat" Walters, recording artist, vocalist, songwriter and actor hails from Cleveland, Ohio and currently resides in Newport News, Virginia.  

Bobby is a retired U.S. Coast Guard Officer with 27 years of service.  Bobby is a favorite on the Tidewater music scene and has shared the stage with Kenny Neal, Eddie Shaw, Daryl Davis, Ruthie Foster, and Sherman Robertson.

He has released three Blues CDs and his song "I Hear Mama's Voice" won the 2012 Mary4Music Blewzzy Award for "Song Of The Year".  Bobby has competed at the International Blues Challenge in Memphis, TN in both the solo/duo and band categories.  In 2006, Bobby added acting credits to his resume when he participated in the filming of the History Channel documentary "Sherman's March to the Sea".  

Bobby BlackHat brings together the finest blues musicians in Tidewater to perform original, contemporary and classic blues tunes that will keep your toes tappin and your hips shakin all night long.

Why SEYDEL harmonicas?

"Rupert Oysler introduced me to the Seydel Session Steel at the SPAH convention in Virginia Beach. He said I would love it and he was right. It only took a few smooth blues riffs to convince me that Seydel was the best harp I had ever played."

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Bobby "BlackHat" Walters
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