Domingo Balaguer

Mingo (*1957) began playing the harmonica at about eleven. He discovered the harp on a school excursion and has been devoted to that instrument ever since. A few years later, he discovered the blues by chance when he first heard someone playing a blues harp. That got him hooked on the blues, which became one of his passions in life. After a long journey Mingo finally found the SEYDEL 1847 - the Blues harmonica he desired for longtime.

He played with several amateur bands during the late 70’s and early 80’s until he became a member of the “Caledonia Blues Band”. “Caledonia” is an icon band in the Spanish blues scene revered by blues fans and critics alike. During its ten-year lifespan, the band toured extensively all over Spain in the most renowned blues and jazz festivals.

Mingo & The Blues Intruders

Mingo had always wanted to be a real front man, so he decided that he would be singing as well as playing harmonica. One of his main assets when it came to approach the tricky domain of blues vocals was his wide knowledge of this musical style. As for the technical side of it, he has been working hard and is currently taking classes. His confidence and ability are growing with every gig. All in all, he is an able singer and a great performer.

In 2008 "Musica Fundamental" and "Gaztelupeko Records" released the first Vinyl and CD of the band under the name “Going West”.

Spanish Blues Harp Attack / Duelo de Armónicas

This is yet another project of Mingo's. The best three Spanish harp players get together for a special show in which the harmonica is the protagonist. Danny Boy (Valencia), Ñaco Goñi (Madrid) and Mingo Balaguer himself, are backed by Intruders.

Their first album is already released under the name "Duelo de Armónicas/Spanish Blues Harp attack". It was recorded live at Café populart (Madrid) in two sessions (4 and 5 August) and at Béjar Blues Festival (Salamanca) the following night.

He is also teaching blues harmonica for both beginners and advanced students at the "Jazz Corner Music School" in Seville.

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Domingo Balaguer
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