HARPE DIEM! Endorser Tips

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Harpe Diem!

Since 1847 we at SEYDEL have gone through many ups and downs and therefore we know: There is a chance to discover something new every day, like playing music yourself.

Music provides orientation and helps people to get through rough times easier. The harmonica is light, small and handy and even beginners achieve fast and enjoyable progress. Watch and try by yourself - your comments appreciated!

Tip 8) Intonating bending notes with >Marcio Abdo:




Tip 7) Play Shuffle the right way with >Mark Hummel:




Tip 6) How to better bend the notes in holes 8, 9 and 10 with >PT Gazell:




Tip 5) Rehearsing quietly with >Xime Monzon:




Tip 4) Learning to count with >Barefoot iano :





Tip 3) Rhythm Lick with >Jefferson Gonçalves:




Tip 2: Playing in the upper register with >Peter Madcat Ruth:





Tip 1: Beat Box Harmonica essentials with >Phillip Henry:


>email: Phillip Henry

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