Triola 12


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Blow-harmonica with 12 notes - from 3 years on

Simply follow the colors! Now with SEYDEL's approved and durable stainless steel reeds!


The Triola is a colorful introduction to music for children. So easy to play - just press the colored keys the same as shown with the corresponding notes for your favourite nursery rhymes and children's songs. Children learn to read music through play.

The Triola is a handmade and hand tuned single tone wind harmonica, designed to teach children from 3 years and above.
It has 12 notes ranging from G4 to D6, 26.4cm in length and is tuned to C-major (see "Tips" section)

It works by simply blowing into the instrument and pressing the colored keys.

Many adequate Triola Songbooks as well as a detailed tutorial book are available.



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