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Which harmonica is the right one for my sound?

I'm interested in Classical music, Jazz or Folk, etc. and I want to play melodies in all keys (with limited chord accompaniment)

Sound examples: small:Klassik small:Jazz small:Folk small:Blues



Chromatic harmonicas have a slider that is used to open additional holes containing the missing notes of a diatonic instrument; if you press the slider button the instruments sounds one semi-tone higher in pitch (C is raised to C#, etc.). Therefore it is possible to play chromatically. With a lot of exercise you can manage to play in any key on these instruments.

That's why the Chromatic harmonica can be used in any musical style, ranging from Classical to Pop and Jazz. As the result of its note-arrangement (Solo-Tuning) it is possible to play a chord accompaniment using the tongue-block technique - in contrast to the Richter tuned instruments the draw chord is not the Dominant Seventh chord, but the Minor6 chord. That's why the chromatic models can be termed as playable with limited chord accompaniment.

The offered models on the one hand differ from the material the comb is made of (Plastic, Acrylic glass or coated aluminum) but also from the material we use for making the reeds. All models from the DE LUX series with brass reeds are suited for beginners and advanced players. The DE LUXE STEEL has durable steel reeds and is available in many different keys besides standard C. Due to the stainless steel reeds we include in the instruments of the SAXONY-series these instruments have an extraordinary good tone response and only very little air-consumption.

SEYDEL is the only harmonica maker who offer instruments with stainless steel reeds, which offer a loud and controllable tone and an up to 5-fold longer lifetime compared to brass reeds.

Chromatic models

If you are not sure which instrument is the desired one you may get you a GIFT COUPON instead.



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> SEYDEL Sound Check Vol. 2 Blues Playback Pack

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