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Which harmonica is the right one for my sound?

I'm interested in traditional tunes, folksongs or Irish Folk and want to play with self-accompaniment and the typical beating Tremolo sound

Sound examples : small:Shanty small:Folksy small:Irish



1847 NOBLE 1847 L.E: BIG SIX SESSION STEEL FAVORITE SESSION SOLIST PRO The FANFARE-S (Stainless Steel reeds, Solo-tuning) is built similar to a chromatic harmonica, but without the slider. The air-consumption is optimized to a minimum. The SAILOR STEEL (as well with Stainless Steel reeds, Richter-tuning) has two rows of holes at the mouthpiece. Four holes in a square represent a draw and a blow note. The Richter tuning in particular is well suited to play melody plus self-accompaniment at once by using the tongue-block technique.

The SKYDIVER STEEL TREMOLO offers a subtle and sweet tremolo sound and is tuned in Solo-like tuning, especially well known in Asia.

The three models provide the popular tremolo-sound:

The Tremolo-principle:

Due to two reeds tuned slightly different from each other and working at once the typical beating sound of a Tremolo harmonica is produced (Wiener tuning - which reminds on of a Styrian accordion).

Tremolo models

If you are not sure which instrument is the desired one you may get you a GIFT COUPON instead.



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