The appropriate beginner package for everyone!

Which starter pack is the best for me and my sound?


Both workshops from the Soundcheck-Series deliver the core knowledge of experienced harmonica players in a condensed format, presented in an educational and fresh style.

Be aware of the fact, that music reading is not required and you can strat staight away! 

Both sets come with a suited harmonica with durable stainless steel reeds, many sound examples in a multimedia tutorial or on CD to play along with and a tutorial book with the necessary explanations will help you to get started in the right way.


The ideal start into the world of harmonica music...


...for the Blues Beginner:


 >SOUNDCHECK VOL. 1 is dedicated to all of you who like to take the first steps into Blues improvisation - 'From the first note to the first solo' everything you need is explained and sound examples and exercises help to move forward fast and with a lot of fun.

The set includes a SESSION STEEL Blues Harmonica (Richter Tuning in the key of C) with SEYDEL's durable Stainless Steel reeds. Our experience has shown that especiall beginners should start on high-quality instrument because it is so much easier and much more fun.


...for the Melody-Beginner:


 >SOUNCHECK VOL. 2 is dedicated to all of you who like melodies of any kind,  especially from Pop or Folky style music. There are many exercises and tips and ten pieces starting easy and going more tricky  - you wil be guided step-by-step and will easily learn how to play melodies on the harmonica without any prior musical knowledge.

The set includes the high-quality ORCHESTRA S - harmonica (Solo tuning and in the key of LowC (=LC) with durable Stainless Steel reeds. These instruments allow to play melodies very easily without missing notes in the lower refister and therefore are the ideal comagnions for all beginners who simply like to learn to play beautiful melodies.

>all Soundchecks in the eShop

I'm looking for a workshop for children:

> Just Play Harmonica - Junior Starter Kit


I'm looking for pieces to play along with:

> SEYDEL Sound Check Vol. 2 Blues Playback Pack


I already own a Blues Harmonica in the key of C (Richter tuning) and like to start learning right now:

> Download-version: Soundcheck Vol. 1


I already own a Solo-tuned Harmonica in the key of C and like to start learning right now:

> Download-version: Soundcheck Vol. 4


What is the difference between Richter and Solo tuning?

> the explanation can be found here

Blues Beginner STEEL


1 x SESSION STEEL Harmonica in C & introductory booklet & Online-Multimedia-Program for Mac/Windows/Linux

without VAT

Beginner Melody


SEYDEL Soundcheck Vol. 04 - ORCHESTRA S - learn to play melodies - diatonic harmonica included (tuned in Solo-Orchestra-Tuning)

without VAT



This starter book is different: With its relaxed exercises any beginner is able to start playing nearly effortlessly with chords and double notes and have a lot of fun...

without VAT

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