After 1946

The products of GDR
were not so bad compared to those of the Western harmonica manufacturers
Despite the fact that the GDR reached No. 11 in the ranking of the biggest industrial nations worldwide, harmonicas were not looked upon as a quality product, but more as a bringer of foreign currencies.
Therefore the focus was on mass production.
Up to 400 people (working at Seydel?) produced not only harmonicas but parts for accordians too.

Here a gallery of different Chromatics with 48 and 64 reeds.

Illus. 1
Chromatic Harmonica 4728
Plastic Mouthpiece.

Illus. 2
Bandmaster Chromatic 4786
as 64 and  48

Illus. 3
Weltmeister Chromatic
as 64 and  48

After 1946
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