Forty years after the reunification of Germany, politics again would write the history of the company:
In July 1991, the harmonica factory was returned to the family.
With the remaining tools, production was restarted. With the money pumped into Eastern Germany after reunification, a restoration of the newer factory building was possible.

Because of a drop out of the entire eastern market, the number of employees was decreasing constantly. However, in spite of the dismal business, a remarkable process began that would define the company‘s future:
Works manager Karl Pucholt recognized that the key to success for the young 'old' company was in the very niche markets the established Western competition had ignored for years.
Pucholt developed a new plastic comb, wonderful ergonomic coverplates and had reedplates produced that were more than one octave lower than the usual tonal spectrum of a Diatonic harmonica.
Seydel had occupied its first niche!

Now, there was enough time for employees to build custom tunings on demand and Seydel had found another service without competition.
As company’s image improved among top players, so did their requests for our special instruments.
However, these developments came much to late. In November 2004, the company became insolvent.

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