Big Blind Dog Mayer



Stompin' Heat - ROUGH at stummsche reithalle (Release: 19.02.2018)

VAT incl.

Blind Dog Mayer - Dr. Slide First Takes


Blind Dog Mayer - Dr. Slide - First Takes (2016)

VAT incl.

Big "Blind Dog" Mayer – German Crossroad Harmonica Blues

The Irish-Scottish-rooted harmonica player Big "Blind Dog" Mayer touched and seduced at once, convinced by presence and restraint. Both never doesn’t feel contrived, but deeply characterized by the greatest understanding of the music, which requires sometimes to rhythmic melodies, gentle breath or strong pressure - Blind Dog's Harmonica playing combines all of these. Additionally, he has a significant smoky powerful blues voice which on the other side thrills the audience also with their soulful influences.

He played in various blues bands and with the successful German and international musicians such as: Rudy Rotta, Aynsley Lister, Louisiana Red, Pete Lancaster, John Kirkbride, Rico Southee, Tobias Rößler (DSDS), Bernard "Smitty" Smith, Albert Koch, Heiko Shrader, Terry L. Barron, Henry Second, Henrik Freischlader, „The Boogie Baron“ Alexander v. Wangenheim, Martin „Magman“ Müller, Thomas Blug, Dr. Slide, Blueshimmel etc. He is also available and bookable as live and studio musician with various blues bands or as solo artist as an "experience sideman".

Why I Seydel Harmonicas-games?
Because Seydel Harps have a professional production and a consequent ingenious way of playing. Playful freedom at a high level of quality of the instruments here, as well as the diversity of tonality at the top and bottom in the low tones per tone, gigantic game enjoy with a great sound experience. This applies primarily to the blues and rock area and especially for playing Irish folk - Using the "Paddy-mood" which was also designed specifically for the Irish type of harmonica playing and the sound.

These are for me to play in the bud very convincing arguments for Seydel Harmonicas.





Big Blind Dog Mayer
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