Jacek Urlik

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Jacek Urlik

Jacek Yaca Urlik is one of the top Polish harmonica players. His style is the traditional blues one - his master being Junior Wells from the start.
In 1994 he formed his own band Tipsy Drivers playing blues with a touch of swing, Texas Blues and West Coast Blues.

Jacek and his band performed many times at main blues festivals in Poland. Critics as well as fans appreciate the passion and the originality of style which the band and its leader show.

Jacek Urlik and his Tipsy Drivers were acclaimed top players in the Polish blues magazine "Twój Blues" - "Your Blues" many times - as discovery of the year or band of the year.

In 2013 they cut and published their second album - "Tipsy Drivers & Harp Friends" which top Polish harmonica players took part in.
Jacek Urlik is also a master at Polish harmonica workshops as well as harmonica classes in private schools.

In 2012 Jacek started a cooperation with a Czech singer, guitar player and a drawer Lubomir Lichy which led to another album Lubomir Lichy & Jacek Urlik "100%" - well received by fans and critics.

As for now he has been hard at work on an acoustic record with his other band Haze Acoustic Trio. The SEYDEL 1847 Silver is his first choice and favourite tool fo expressing himself.

Jacek Urlik
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