Jamie Symons

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Jamie Symons

Growing up in Canberra and then Brisbane, music has been part of Jamie’s life ever since he could remember. His grandfather played guitar and harmonica, his grandmother the mandolin and his father played drums. Around the age of 16, Jamie began playing harmonica. His natural flair, ability and love for the instrument kept him practicing & listening to players such as Sonny Terry, Charlie Musselwhite, Lazy Lester and Jerry Portnoy to name a few. His father would encourage him to get up at jam sessions and play.

Jamie took out 2013, 2014 and 2015 in the famous harmonica championships held at Tamworth country music festival adding to a number awards over the past decade, and secured an endorsement deal through Mando harps Australia and SEYDEL harmonicas.

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Jamie Symons
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