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Krisz Kreuzer - Urban Blues - BRIXTONBOOGIE

Blues also means analysing situations precisely. Rebuilding oneself, finding piece of mind. Defending oneself against abasements - and going forward open minded and also quite brightly.

This is the personal view of music producer Krisz Kreuzer from Hamburg /Germany. Since his youth he loves the Blues, played the harmonica in different bands. By now the 48 year old is co-owner of the music-label »BASS« producing commercials and other stuff but still he is loving the Blues.

For implementing his concept of modern urban Blues he founded BRIXTONBOOGIE in 2005.

»I played some of the my old still surviving Blues vinyls to my studio partner and suddenly it felt as if age-old friends appeared...«

Within the same second the idea was born: by keeping the deep musical power of the Blues, and gently pairing it with newer sounds thus transforming the mix into something new. Into modern urban Blues of today. Sounds to be done easily - but is really hard to realize like with everything that is obviously »easy«.

The collective does not only put a layer of beats togehter with some samples but instead is always reminded on the depth and spirituality of an age-old tradition - and for sure the Blues harmonica is part of it!


Krisz Kreuzer
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