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Leandro Rao

...was born in the town of Villa Madero, Buenos Aires, Argentina, on December 10, 1984. He grew up in a musical environment as his grandfather was bandoneon player; maybe this fact pushed him to decide his way.

In his teens, his taste and interest in music grew up so he started to investigate and experiment in this new vocation. In 2001, at the age of 18, he began his studies focused on musical genres, with his first teacher Santiago Larregain (a pupil of Luis Robinson, renowned Argentinian harmonica player), with whom he explored the first harmonic techniques, typical of traditional blues.

One year late he began his studies with Alexander Figola (Luthier of harmonicas and a pupil of Ruben Gaitán, blues musician), which led him to tackle different techniques and instrument positions.

In 2003 Leandro grew musically, and led the harmonica to another musical and melodious path, thanks to his training for just over one year, with Leandro Villanova (a pupil of Mariano Massolo, renowned harmonica player influenced by jazz music).

During 2005, he began to forge a relationship with Matías Fernández, a member of the band “Blues del Sur”, and after two years studying with him, Leandro made his way onto the famous technique known as “overbends”, which led him to a larger universe of knowledge, going through other musical genres as well.

After 2007, Alejandro Yaques leads him to explore in the path of musical harmony.

At age 24, early 2008, he joined the SADEM Conservatory of Music (the Argentine Musicians' Union), looking to acquire more knowledge, where discovered the piano, instrument through which he starts producing his first compositions.

In early 2010 he continued his studies with Mariano Massolo, allowing him to lead the harmonica to the jazz genre, and the musical composition from a chromatic perspective.

In mid-2012, he met the renowned pianist Juan Tarsia, a fact that led him to begin harmony studies, focused from the harmonica.

Currently Leandro continues to improving his music studies with the great pianist, focusing on Jazz, Soul, Funk, R & B, Blues and Rock among other genres. As a teacher and professional musician, he is always looking to give something better to his audience.

He is a restless musician, always looking to generate new ideas so that the instrument can grow as time passes, and to gain an important place in music.

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Leandro Rao
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