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Matt Blais - limitless Canadian musician


With every note and word, Matt Blais stands out as a spirited, hardworking musician. His signature raspy vocals and blistering blues harmonica are the unique cornerstones of a high energy live show that has captivated audiences across Canada and in countries around the world.

This award winning songwriter and performer creates a stylized union of emotionally influential genres: blues, folk, rock and soul, to intensely express the simple struggles and triumphs of today.

The charismatic Blais seems at home both on stage, with countless tours, festivals and performances, and in the studio where his albums have received critical acclaim, independently sold thousands of copies leading to collaborations with Sam Roberts, Ian Moore and producers David Bottrill and Mark Howard.

With a drive to create and a refusal to stop, the potential of Canadian troubadour Matt Blais is limitless.

Matt on Seydel Harmonicas… "It's hard to describe what makes an instrument special. Seydel harps just feel right. There's just something magical about it - like a first kiss."

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Matt Blais
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