Alexey Kormin

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Alexey Kormin

Alex is Russian born harmonica player currently living in Estonia - and a typical representative of so called modern school of harmonica. In his playing he successfully incorporates numerous progressive techniques such as extensively use of overbending, effect pedals and sound amplification. 

Alex is an extremely diverse player and in addition to quite common nowadays BLUES and Rock he quite often ventures into JAZZ and FUNK territory. He started his musical journey from taking lessons with another Seydel endorser and one of the best known harmonica players in Russia Boris Plotnikov. Later on he formed his own style of playing heavy influenced by well-known and respected masters of harmonica such as Steve Baker, Jean Jacques Milteau, Howard Levy, Jason Ricci, Fred Yonnet. 

For a very long time Alex was part of Saint Petersburg Harmonica Orchestra, as well as collaborated with many rock and blues bands in Russia. Alex’s virtuosity and unusual approach to playing hasn’t gone unnoticed, as a result of that he has been awarded first prizes on several international harmonica festivals: 

Grand Prix in Pärnu Harmonica Festival 2016 in Estonia First place in Harmonica Bridge Festival 2016 in Poland In addition to playing Alex also established himself as top end customizer of diatonic harmonicas. In his projects he always uses a microscope, this allows him to achieve maximum accuracy and precision in his work. Harmonicas worked by Alex are truly work of art. They are immediately distinguishable by having rich and loud tone, easy to use no squeal bends and overbends, and minimal air loss.

Alex also manufactures his own high precision, super flat and air tight combs out of many exotic materials, which gives his harmonicas unprecedented and easily recognizable look and feel. His instruments are used by many famous musicians such as Steve Baker, Leonid Titkov, Alex Paclin, Bartek Leczycki, Marcin Dyjak, Peter Modos, Matti Aksela. 

Alex stated: "The best model of harmonica for me is Seydel 1847. It has such a rich tone over the entire frequency range, best timbre and maximum usability"




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Alexey Kormin
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