Andy Irvine

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Andy Irvine

He is one of the great Irish singers, his voice one of a handful of truly great ones that gets to the very soul of Ireland. He has been hailed as "a tradition in himself". Musician, singer, songwriter, Andy has maintained his highly individual performing skills throughout his 45 year career.
From Sweeney's Men in the mid 60s, to the enormous success of Planxty in the 70s and then from Patrick Street to Andy Irvine & Dónal Lunny's Mozaik, Andy has been a world music pioneer and an icon for traditional music and musicians.

As a soloist, Andy fills the role of the archetypal troubadour with a show and a travelling lifestyle that reflect his lifelong influence, Woody Guthrie. To quote the Irish Times, "Often copied, never equalled", his repertoire consists of Irish traditional songs, dexterous Balkan dances and a compelling cannon of his own self-penned songs.

This is what he says about SEYDEL harmonicas: "I am very happy to have become an endorser of SEYDEL harmonicas. While I am not an out and out Blues Harmonica player, I pride myself on being able to play the instrument in the manner of my mentor, Woody Guthrie.
I only discovered SEYDEL harmonicas last year but they have become my number one. I use a harmonica holder that I have had for over 50 years! God knows how I never lost it! It was given to me by Rambling Jack Elliott at the time I was learning how to play. He also gave me the crucial information that Woody Guthrie played the harp upside down!! Apparently so did the southern blues players of that period. There is no dis/advantage in this but I'm glad I learned to play it upside down like Woody! Jack played it the normal way..."

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Andy Irvine
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