Ashay Kumar

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Ashay Kumar

Ashay is regarded as one of the top harmonica players from India till date.

An upcoming talented Music Composer and a Creator just 21 years of age, He is an Indian Classical based musician using harmonica as a tool to explore the untouched boundaries of Hindustani classical.

It is judicious to solely credit him to have brought Indian music on International platform in its purest form through harmonica and making people understand its beauty.

A Talent recognized by SPAH org. US in 2017. The former President of SPAH, a popular Harmonica teacher and author of “Harmonica for dummies” Mr. Winslow Yerxa said Ashay, “Your level is much higher than the recognition you have achieved”. With American audience claiming him Pdt. Ravi Shankar of Harmonica that he politely considers as their love for Indian Music.

Also considered as a gifted musician by various Indian musicians and even blessed with appreciation of Grammy winners like Pdt. VM Bhatt, Mr.Howard Levy. Ashay has developed various skills to reproduce the nuances of vocals on harmonica undone till date.

A creative mind finding new music and exploring variations to Improvise in his most unique style sets him apart and brings harmonica back in the top rack.


“ It was the first harmonica that I used for onstage performance. From that time I felt in love with it. I had played almost every harmonica of every brand but the satisfaction as musician I get is on SAXONY.

The main reason is quickest reed response which company acclaims is due to stainless steel reed. This helps to well define and differentiate the staccato and legato implications in the performance as well helps in the articulations to even doing better arpeggios.

sparent and bright tonality sets you apart from other performers, enabling me to color my tone differently. Apart from other harmonicas it sounds very impacting on microphones with Minimized harmonica noises and comfortable mouth piece.

Simply, SEYDEL SAXONY for Professionals.”


Ashay Kumar
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