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Barefoot Iano

Australian, Iano Giddey has been making music with a passion since he was 12 years old. Singer/ Harmonicist/ Guitarist, he also plays Flute and Saxophone.

HARMONICA Champion of Australia in 1993, he placed second and was “audience favourite” in 1990, ’91 and ’92. INTERNATIONAL HARMONICA CHAMPIONSHIPS Trossingen, Germany in 1993 and 1997, Iano placed fourth in the category Blues / Country / Rock.

FRANCE became “home” in 1995, and he traded his “sideman” role for the job of “bandleader”. OLYMPIA , Paris, November 1996 and March 2001. Iano was the flute / harmonica player in the band of legendary “French” folksinger, GRAEME ALLWRIGHT. BAREFOOTED is how he appears on stage ( and most other places ). Of the two stories which explain why, the truth is not nearly as interesting as the other.

BLUES is the style of the albums “I GOT A FEELING”(Oct.2000) and “HIGH ON LIFE (Dec.2003) recorded with his band in October 2000. These blues are a little different though. Maybe it’s the Australian influence. Certainly it’s BAREFOOT IANO. LIVE Solo, Duo, Trio, Quartet with bass and drums. Ianos music swings, with a jazzy / country colour. Sometimes a little Chicago too. Those who have shared one of his shows are marked by one or all of three things :

-the quality of the musicians

-Ianos obvious feeling for the music

-his presence on stage.

2007 on tour with Riké, from the popular French band "SINSEMILLIA". The album "Vivons" contains three tracks with harmonica, but the live show many more.

Iano is also the harmonica player in the french based delta blues duo "MOUNTAIN MEN", who recently won Frances most prestigious blues "tremplin" at the festival "BLUES sur SEINE". The album "Mat with Iano" has received positive reviews from the French blues community. Barefoot's duo the "Mountain Men" were the french blues discovery of 2007.

Today he mostly plays with his own Trio - here is the official clip from the new album "Keep It Simple":


>Barefoot Iano

>CD "HOPE" on Spotify

>his newest CD with the Barefoot Iano trio

Barefoot Iano
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