Bart Leczycki

Polish Harmonica-Attack


Kaminski, Kielak, Leczycki Wisniewski - Harmonijkowy Atak "Harpcore"- best Polish Blues album in 2011

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Bart Leczycki

Bart, you are a real musician, not just a harp player. I got a kick out of your playing !!

(Howard Levy, 2004)

I’ve never heard a better harmonica player! I’d love to play with you !!

(John Lee Hooker Jr, 2005)

• He teaches people to play the diatonic and chromatic harmonica (over 30 workshops each year)
• Bart has also conducted therapeutic classes for the disabled, entitled "Different facets of the mouth harmonica".
• Bart fluently uses the overbending technique (playing in 12 keys on a 10-hole diatonic harmonica).
• Bart has played with top Polish blues and jazz musicians such as Jaroslaw Smietana, Piotr Baron, Mariusz Bogdanowicz, Artur Lesicki, Jacek Niedziela, Slawek Wierzcholski, Roman Puchowski, Piotr Biskupski, to name just a few.

Within three years his J.J.Band has developed into one of Poland's best blues groups, the winner of many festival awards. In 2003 they issued their first CD - GOOD DAY FOR THE BLUES and in 2004 they were back with SEARCHING FOR THE BLUES. Both albums became the CDs of the year (2003 and 2004) in the annual TWOJ BLUES magazine readers' poll. In the same poll the J.J. Band was honored the title of the band of the year 2003 and 2004.

Bart's newest album "Malenczuk & Waglewski - Koledzy (Friends)" was characterized with the highest price of the Polish "Society of Music", with a Platinum CD for 60.000 sold copies !!! For these recordings played on SEYDEL harmonicas!

Bart won the voting in the famous Polish magazine >"Twoy Blues" in the category "The best harmonica player in Poland" three time in a raw 2005, 2006 and 2007" and showed that his advanced playing techniques fits into Blues style harmonica!

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Bart Leczycki
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