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Son of Dave isn't you're average blues player. He's becoming almost an international cult, a one-man party, a true Maverick Bluesman. This harmonica & beat-box genius beats his own path, using the blues as a base for his songwriting and gathering a huge international army of devoted fans from all walks of life.  
He was the first to combine harmonica and beatbox, and not only make a living with his one-man show, but his songs have appeared in television programs such as Breaking Bad, Preacher, Bloodline and even a Robin Williams film.

He's played over 1500 concerts internationally, and released eight albums. He's appeared on Later With Jools Holland (UK), Taratata (FR) and other music televisions appearances. His list of achievements is long. A book was even made of his columns for The Stool Pigeon magazine (UK). Oh, and he was in Crash Test Dummies for ten years.
Son of Dave has brought the harmonica to a whole new generation of fans, having toured outside the blues circuit for most of his career. Still, blues and jazz venues are more than happy to have him too, as even the purists find his sound and style to be from the heart. Not modern for modern's sake. A timeless artist.

Recently, Son of Dave was invited on Mark Hummel's Ultimate Harmonica Blowout tour, playing alongside Howard Levy, Jason Ricci, Corky Seagal, and Duke Robillard. That's some line-up, don't ya think?


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Son of Dave
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