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Born and bred in a small Aussie town, the third of four children and the second of triplets, Brett's family always had music. They'd sing around a century old pianola at family gatherings and listen to everything from country music to Australian folk. "We grew up listening to all the country stuff: Hank Williams, Slim Dusty, Willie Nelson, Johnny Cash … whatever the radio had on really. Our vinyl collection was full of Elvis, early Beatles, Simon and Garfunkel, Neil Diamond. Then in the early 80s we got into the Aussie folk scene: Redgum, who wrote 'I was only 19' (partly about Dad), Goanna, Judy Small … all really hard-working touring bands. It's these sorts of bands that inspired me early to get into music. "When I was 14 I saw a film called Crossroads about a harmonica player who sold his soul to the devil at the crossroads. It was really the first time I'd heard serious blues harmonica. "Later on I listened to all the usual suspects: Dylan, Young, Mitchell, CSN&Y, etc. I started writing my own stuff as soon as I got my first guitar. I was much more interested in writing my own songs. It felt right."

Brett Hunt's signature sound has evolved over countless shows in country town pubs, national festivals and packed houses at city venues throughout Australia. From early performances in NSW country halls, Brett has gone on to wow crowds in major metro venues and national festivals. His proven stagecraft has seen him support music legends such as Taj Mahal, Bela Fleck, Roger McGuinn, Chris Smither, Terry Callier, Dr John, Robben Ford, Damien Dempsey and Christina Olsen. He's also supported and worked with the cream of talented Aussie artists, such as Jeff Lang, Lior and Carla Werner.

Brett's self-titled debut album, produced by Jonathan Burnside (The Melvins, Grinspoon, The Sleepy Jackson), was named album of the year for 2003 by director John Carver of PBS Radio (Melbourne). Brett then released 'Bootlegs', a collection of solo 'B' sides requested by fans, which captures the raw quality of Brett's music. Corrugated Road (below, right) is Brett's second studio album, launched in 2006 to a packed house at The Vanguard, Sydney. "From the opening track to the kick-arse end, Corrugated Road is cool, cruisy and Australian. Makes me want to get back in the van and drive the endless highways," says Vikki Simpson from Aussie band The Waifs.

In June 2012 he publishes his new record "Rachel" with many new songs on the German label "Tonetoaster Record".

Since his 2012 tour through Europe he is a dedicated SEYDEL fan - here is what he said after his first gig on his new SEYDELs:
"The difference is astonishing and I did not believe that a handcrafted SEYDEL can be so much better for my live performances...these harmonicas are 100% reliable."

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Brett Hunt
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