Cristian Inostroza

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Cristian Inostroza

Born in Santiago, Chile in 1984 first picked drums as an instrument until he made the switch to harmonica in 2000, the latter would give him the greatest joys of his life.

Cristian is active as a professor, live player and session man for a diverse array of artist that range from blues, pop, funk, rock, latin, fusion and folklore using diatonic and chromatic harmonica. He has recorded in various albums during his career, being The Blues Swingers his main project with whom he has recorded four albums.

Cristian continues to study everyday and has had the opportunity to learn directly from musicians such as Mark Hummel, Gary Smith, Joe Filisko, Gonzalo Araya and Juan Moya both from Chile, he has an average of more than 50 presentations per year, that range from small concerts to large festivals. He has had the chance to play abroad in Uruguay, Brasil, Argentina and various cities in the United States including Chicago, San Jose and San Francisco

His harmonica playing style draws from the classic sound of Little Walter, George Harmonica Smith and Jerry Portnoy, but with an added jazzy color that gives him a signature sound.

Cristian says:

"I only play seydel harps because I find in them the perfect combination of quality sound and durability they are very comfortable to play and offer a great versatility to play different styles.

I am really honored and happy to be part of the seydel family and hope to transmit through my music there great quality and sound."

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Cristian Inostroza
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