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Cyril De Fayard

He was born on May 10, 1964 in Bagnols sur Cèze, a town in the south of France that became the cradle of the blues of the Rhone Gard thanks to the magnificent Bagnols Blues Festival which took place there in the early 90s. Coming from a large family of no less than ten children, a singer mother in the 1950s and a nuclear chemist father, Cyril felt his first chills at the age of 6, while some of his brothers elders tease the guitar, drums and all other instruments that pass through their hands.

They end up starting a rock group, and compose frantic melodies on more or less committed lyrics. Ecstatic in front of these budding musicians, Cyril then secretly records each rehearsal with his little cassette tape recorder. In the evening, he listens to them attentively, secretly dreaming of setting up "on stage" one day. At the age of 14, when his brothers had to perform for a concert, the bassist of the group withdrew. It is therefore quite naturally to Cyril, the little brother, that the lads turn to ensure their performance.The ball in the stomach, this is how his dream comes true and he makes his first scene in front of a very demanding audience.

The euphoria is at its peak at the thought that a few years ago it was none other than Johnny Hallyday who ignited this same scene. This evening it is the great revelation of his life as a musician and it is with great pride and a lot of application that Cyril pays tribute to the group Mister Pocker with his brother Jérôme on drums. The energy is such that other concerts, especially in Germany, take place. After a few dates and the vagaries of life, the group decides to stop, but for Cyril the process is underway. At 16, he left the family cocoon to stand on his own feet and moved to live with his brother. This period is very enriching because it is at this time that he begins to learn the guitar on his own. The days and nights are then punctuated by endless bullocks while listening to the greats of the time, Jimmy Hendrix, Led Zepplin, Ten Years After and many others. It is during these memorable evenings that Cyril realizes that it is really towards the bass that he is attracted and it is in the 80s that he becomes intermittent of the show with the group Shaman and that he identifies better and better this instrument which he considers as his half. Once again, life and its uncertainties cause the group to split up after a hundred concerts.

This time, always more curious and having a great thirst to learn, it is towards the harmonica, an instrument also played by his brother Jérôme, that Cyril turns and falls under the spell. To titillate him even more, Jérôme then introduced him to James Cotton, Sugar Blues and many other great artists who impressed and motivated Cyril to improve himself. He then played a couple of years as a harmonica player with Mango, a reggae group, until the day he met Doran Reynaud, leader of the group Blues Breakers Band, who hired him as a bassist in 1999. From this meeting ensued numerous concerts in the most prestigious festivals in Cognac, Cahors, at Blues sur le Zinc but also in Luxembourg, Belgium, Switzerland and Paris where he and hosted ten days at Benoit Blues Boy The French harmonica player who then reveals to him some shots on the harmonica that Cyril applies to work on.

This is how, without any pretension in front of this instrument that he gradually tames, Cyril begins to be invited to Blues festivals to play a pair of pieces. Very often praised for his feeling by the greatest bluesmen. , he gains self-confidence and continues to discover and learn this wonderful instrument that he will never let go of later. Alas in 2002 a tragedy occurs. Jérôme, his initiator and beloved brother takes his own life. Devastated Cyril then sinks into a deep depression and loses taste in everything. He no longer believes in himself there in person and sells all his stuff. For two years he no longer touched any instrument.

Life having to resume its course and especially not to sink further, Cyril finds Doran Reynaud who offers him to join the new Cotton Blues formation. He will be bassist there at first, then bassist / harmonica player thereafter. Fortunately this reunion is saving for Cyril who decides despite everything to drop the status of intermittent which becomes too complicated. He still continues to play with the only motto: Pleasure above all. From there are born several albums recorded live but also in studio. Even if Cyril is slowly getting back on his feet, the image and the melodies of his late brother haunt him.

This is why in the 2000s he decided to pay homage to him by creating the Black Moon duo, harmonica / guitar / vocals, and performed in pubs, bars, restaurants to revive his brother's compositions. Life is not a long quiet river, February 14, 2020 Cyril borders on the disaster victim of a heart attack which leaves some after-effects on his great artistic heart. Like a good bull that he is and not the type to let himself be put down, he decides to take the beast by the horns and he thumbs his nose at life by promising himself to live everything he loves to the fullest. and particularly the harmonica. But not just any, he specifies, especially those from the SEYDEL brand for their exceptional sound. It is therefore now harmonica player in the crazy group Night Control and still within the duo Black Moon that Cyril excels and devours all the musical and friendly moments that life wants to offer him. And as his cousin Renaud would say: Always standing! Good luck Cyril!



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Cyril De Fayard


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