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Damián Martín Duflós

Hes was born on January 17th. of 1975 in Esquel, Chubut, Patagonia Argentina. Early he was touched by the music he heard from his father, Marcelo Duflos who was a big fan of 50th rock, rockabilly and country music.

At the age 17 already he discovered his passion for the harmonica through an album of the J. Geils Band, called "The Morning After" with Magic Dick on harmonica. His passion for the harmonica then moved to Blues music that he's been playing for over 18 years now.

In 1994 moved to the city of Cordoba to study electronic engineering and where he began to interact with other Blues musicians to form "The Vagabond and dirty dogs" band in which he played for seven years...they recorded an album called "Tonight - Custom Blues".

As a self-taught harmonica player, singer and guitarist he has performed and shared stage with artists like Pappo, Miguel Botafogo, La Mississippi, Ratones Paranoicos, Cristina Dall, Bruce Ewan, Deacon Jones, Eddie C. Campbell, James Wheeler, Larry Mc. Cray, Eddie Shaw, Vernon Harrington, Lurrie Bell, Dave Riley, John Primer, Mud Morganfield, Billy Branch, and Dave Specter among others. Damian

He is a well known producer and blues promoter in Patagonia: He produces and hosts the only radio program devoted exclusively to the genre of Blues in Neuquén; "BluesJukebox - standing at the crossroads." (Radio Station of The University of Comahue). The Jackpots Blues Productions presented more than 12 internationals shows since 2009. His music is heavily influenced by Little Walter, Sonny Boy Williamson II, Big Walter Horton, George Smith, William Clarke, Rod Piazza, Kim Wilson, T-Bone Walker, Pee Wee Crayton, Clarence Gatemouth Brown, Duke Robillard, etc.

Presently he is living in Neuquén with his wife and three young daughters, where he divides his time between work, teaching, radio and music, making music together with guitarist Rafo Grin, playing with one of the most famous Blues bands of Patagonia: The Jackpots.

This is what he is telling about our instruments: "Seydel's 1847 harp model are just what all my fellows harp players have been telling me... the best of the best. With only looking into the packaging you know that is going to be something top quality... warm sound, fast response, deep lows and brighter highs, air tight... tip of the top! My choice for now on! ...I'm also very impressed with the BIG SIX models!"

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Damián Martín Duflós
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