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Daniel Bahamondes

Daniel is a famous harmonica players in Southamerica from Valparaíso, Chile. He plays on chromatic, diatonics and chord harmonica focused on Chilean, Latino-american music, but also Blues and Jazz.

He does a lot for the harmonica community in his country: He is the musical director of the "Valparaiso Harmonica Club" and the founder of the "Puerto Harmonica Convention", the biggest harmonica event in Chile.

He is a well known harmonica educator and teacher in Chile and Ecuador, contributing for more than 15 years in eduactional programs for schools children and people with difficulties in accessing music. He is a touring artist and composer as well who collabborates with many musicians, theater companies, films, music therapy and cultural organizers.
In 2003 he joined the "Valparaiso Harmonicas Club" founded in 1958, where he learned the 'harmonica orchestra secrets' and since then he keeps this tradition allive. In 2009 he became the new Musical Director of the Club. In  2010 the Valparaiso Harmonicas Club has been designated "Intangible Cultural Heritage of Valparaiso" by the UNESCO.
Daniel is the founder of the group BLUE BERRIES (2007), MASHIKUNA (Ecuador 2013) and MEWLEN (2015), he participated and collaborated with many artist and projects from all over the world. He plays on the most important stages and festivals in Chile and Ecuador. Most recently he joined the band "JULIO PIÑA", focusing on a unique local musical style called "cumbia porteña", which is mostly play in his local region only.

In 2012 -2013 he iniated a long workshop tour through Ecuador called “Harmonic Aires: Harmonica Workshops for Latin America”. After that he recorded the album >“MASHIKUNA”. In August 2015 he returned to Ecuador for a tour announcing another album called "MEWLEN", both CDs mix Latin American roots music with musical influences such as blues and jazz.
In April 2016 he was the main organizer of the "PUERTO ARMONICA CONVENTION", which turned out to become the most important harmonica festival in Chile, featuring many artist from Chile and all over the world, including exhibitions, masterclasses, documentaries, conversations, urban interventions and concerts.

This is why Daniel Bahamondes chose SEYDEL as his favorite harmonica brand:
"Durability and versatility are the characteristics that I need to bring the harmonica to the Latin American music. I've found in Seydel the sound, the quality and the love to play the root music from my continent." Daniel Bahamodes

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Daniel Bahamondes
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