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Just Dave Bernal - Honky-Tonk Harmonica

J.D. about the 1847 harmonica:

“The Seydel 1847 Silver is the first harp I’ve found that remain clear and in tune all night long, through my gentle and rough playing styles… In the studio, on stage, on TV, I’m confident I’ll hit every note loud and proud, with a Seydel in my hand.”

And now, Just Dave will accompany your next American Idol on harmonica…

Dave “Just Dave” Bernal played a Seydel 1847 harmonica on Fox’s American Idol, during country music week, backing up Top 10 contestant Michael Sarver on “Ain’t Goin’ Down ‘Til the Sun Comes Up.” While that may qualify for the largest audience to have seen a Seydel Harmonica on television, it’s just the beginning for “Just Dave”.

Throughout the course of his musical career, Dave has been the bandleader for projects representing several different genre-fusing styles: rock, jazz, funk, tribute, alternative, country and jam. These bands have had one thing in common, however, that set them apart from what one would normally see on the LA music scene: they were all led by harmonica. His last band project, Analog In, combined blues and alternative music styles. Their debut CD, “Measurable Days”, released in 2006, featured such popular audience requests as “Put the Gun Down” and “New Day”, which was used to promote the radio program “Breakfast with the Beatles” on KLOS FM, in Los Angeles. (>more info )

A tone-enthusiast, but never accused of being traditional-by-approach, Dave produces a sound appropriate for each style he plays by using an ever-changing mix of microphones and a wide array of effects pedals, typically used by guitarists. Dubbed “Hendrix on Harmonica,” Dave mixes phenomenal blues phrasing with psychedelic sounds harnessed between his harp mic and amplifier, “channeling” each other in the crowd-favorite “feedback solo”.

But Dave hopes to get your attention with his songwriting, too. His current project, Just Dave Band, combines all he’s learned in the blues, country, and alternative worlds with stories of heartbreak and the struggles of the American family. Dave is happy to call California’s San Fernando Valley home, which serves as a backdrop for many of his songs, and are a tribute to the “Laurel Canyon sound” made famous by singers and songwriters of the 1960s. Watch and listen for Just Dave, you will see and hear more from him for sure.

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Dave Bernal
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