David Naiditch

Harmonica soloist, David Naiditch, has been a notable presence on the Los Angeles music scene for many years. His improvisational performing style on the chromatic harmonica has been described as having the solid, confident resolve of Larry Adler, combined with the harmonically diverse explorations of Django Reinhardt. A lover of many kinds of music, he absorbed and eventually expanded from blues into other genres: bluegrass, country swing, and Django Reinhardt-inspired gypsy jazz.

David’s musical journey began in his junior high school years, when he was tutored on the diatonic harmonica by the legendary blues icon Sonny Terry. In the mid-1960s, he taught harmonica at the Ashgrove, a club that was the focal point of the Los Angeles folk music revival. Years later he taught at other venues in the Los Angeles area, such as McCabe’s Guitar Shop in Santa Monica, Boulevard Music in Culver City, and various colleges and universities.

In the mid 1990s, David abandoned the diatonic harmonica that had served him so well for blues, and turned to the chromatic harmonica. He studied under chromatic virtuoso Cham-Ber Huang, learning techniques that Cham-Ber used so effectively when playing challenging classical compositions. David then honed his skills by attending numerous music jams and gigs, armed only with a chromatic in the key of C. By playing in all keys, David became comfortable playing by ear and improvising in many styles of music.

In 2005, David produced and played harmonica and guitar on his first CD, “Harmonica and Guitar Duets”, which included 36 tunes covering diverse types of music, including blues, swing, Klezmer, ragtime, and country. In 2009, he produced the CD, “High Desert Bluegrass Sessions”, with bluegrass greats: banjoist Pat Cloud, guitarist Eric Uglum, fiddler Christian Ward, and bassist Austin Ward. He is currently working on several new CDs, including another bluegrass CD, a gypsy jazz CD, and a country swing CD.

David Naiditch
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