Diddy 'Dynamite' Metzger

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Diddy Metzger

Diddy Metzger first saw the light of day in 1963 in a taxi !! Between Bruchsal and Graben-Neudorf. He grew up the son of Accordion Virtuoso Herha Metzger in the Baden area of southern Germany.

His mother died when he was 14.years old, and after having enough of the turbulent times he had experienced with his foster parents, he decided to take responsibility for his own lifestyle.

Being a 14. year old and listening to the likes of Sonny Boy Williamson, Little walter,and James Cotton,was to become his introduction to the Blues. Having taught himself to play harmonica, he later toured with Aaron Burton, Angela Brown, he also played for more than 20 years with the late great Louisiana Red.

Due to his somewhat extravagant interpretation of Arts Root Music he managed to find a parallel to the traditionel Blues form, not always accepted by the Blues Police, regardless of that, it still made him an ORIGINAL!

At present he`s frontman in Colin Jamieson`s Dynamite Daze, lending his unique and somewhat bizarre singing voice and harmonica playing, makes him one of the few originals in the German Blues and Roots Scene. Diddy plays Exclusively SEYDEL HARMONICAS because of earthy sound he demands from the high grade steel reeds that only SEYDEL produce.

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Diddy 'Dynamite' Metzger
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