Elias Dejahang

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Elias Dejahang - fine Chromatic Harmonica from Iran

Elias started music, particularly harmonica at the age of 18 and obtained the initial aspects of the instrument in a short period of time and then began to self-study. he also has used the harmonica virtuoso Franz Chmel's guidance on his music path and also pursued his desire in music till he accomplished his Master degree in music theory and composition from Tehran Art university.

His playing can be heard on several list of single tracks and sound tracks. You can hear the combination of different chromatic styles in his playing such as old styles, tango, classic, pop and jazz.

He produced and recorded his first solo album "détresse" in 2019. He also published "The Amazing World of Harmonica" in two volumes for chromatic harmonica, "Harmonica A to Z" in one volume in collaboration with the help of "Narvan Publications". In addition, he has translated and published an audiobook in the field of compilation techniques for music composing named "An introduction to Wagner's Der ring des Nibelungen" written by Deryck Cooke.

He founded the "ACHO" harmonica orchestra in 2014. all of its members are his own harmonica students. Acho has performed all over Iran in festivals, venues and self-concerts. He was selected as a judge in the classical chromatic harmonica competition at the first, second and third Iranian harmonica festival; moreover, held three chromatic workshops every year.

At the time he is focusing on harmonica remote learning and have students in different cities of Iran and also other countries. he is also a Lecturer in both Tehran 11th branch and Karaj branch of Applied Science University. He is also Member of "Association of composers and teachers of "Music House of Iran".



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Elias Dejahang
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