Emilio Arsuaga

Emilio Arsuaga

Emilio is a harmonica player, singer and songwriter from Madrid, Spain. He started playing harmonica at the age of 18, and after playing with the rockabilly band "Blue Stockings" and the "Rustic Acustic Blues Band". He already has produced 4 records on 4 different projets.

His first two albums are "Po' Boys" with KING BEE, and "Lazy Boots" with LAZY BOOTS, a tribute band dedicated to the repertoire of the Louisiana Blues Legend Lazy Lester, with whom he toured from 2014 until his last days, thanks to being linked by SEYDEL.

2019 has been such a productive recording year!!! After many years of touring around Spain and Austin Texas, he has created his own project: EMILIO ARSUAGA & THE MAD REEDS. The time had come to cut his most personal record: "I'M HERE TO STAY". This record represents the way he feels about the music he loves: Music with a lot of southern aroma, like a good Louisiana stew, the place where all his heroes, Little Walter, Fats Domino, Jerry Lee Lewis and his neighbour from Mississippi Jimmy Reed, come from.

He also wanted to cover songs by his friends and teachers, people that he has played with, talked with, cooked with, drunk and traveled with like Greg Izor and Jumpin’ Johnny Sansone. To some of his original material we’ve added our own Spanish spice, something he really enjoyed doing, thanks in great part to the skills and enthusiasm of his fellow travelers The Mad Reeds.

The title tune on the album “I’m here to stay” says it all. This band got going in 2018 and it looks like it’ll be around for a long time, serving up Gumbo and Pisto Manchego like there was no tomorrow. The time had come also to cut the album Lazy Lester Forever (by "Friends of Lazy Lester").

A tribute album to keep the legacy of the legend -also a Seydel Endorser- Emilio produced this album, and recorded it along with the musicians that had been backing Lazy Lester in Austin for years (Eve Monsees, Grady Pinkerton, Mike Buck and also the fantastic harp player Greg Izor, Randy Glines -who toured and recorded with the great Gary Primich-). That has been a very special recording project, full of magic, memories, beans, cookies and soul!

The soul of Greg Izor's and (Josh Fulero Engeneer) Homefront Studio. Also... he had time to record pretty cool videos with the Spanish Seydel Harp Attack, along with his friends and endorsers Mingo Balaguer and Joaquin Rodríguez Rivas.


Emilio Arsuaga
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