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Emily Adams
One of seven kids from a military family, one thing Emily Adams always knew was rebellion. Her family ended up making a permanent home in the Yucca Valley in California and life in the desert made her…long for the city!

She chafed at boundaries and prescribed expectations. She escaped into her Dad’s vinyl collection. Dylan, Buddy Holly and Janis Joplin seeped into her soul and fed her dreams. By age 12, Emily was teaching herself acoustic guitar and harmonica and loving the challenge.

While clearly not as much fun for her siblings, she was relentless in her pursuit of mastery. When she picked up her first Fender Strat electric guitar she knew music would be her life. She had found joy in the discipline - not to mention a rock and roll attitude. After performing all over the Yucca Valley, her hometown crowd helped her on her quest to fulfill her dream. At age 17, Ted Quinn, an early, ardent supporter, hosted the “Send Emily Adams to NY Benefit Concert” at his venue, Beatnik Cafe Lounge in Joshua Tree.

With money & confidence raised she left home at 17 and moved to the New York metro area. Emily spent the years since honing her songwriting, playing guitar and harmonica and singing. She played any open mic, gig and festival she could. It was often difficult and she had to take time off to pay her bills in other ways. After surviving a personal tragedy, she was newly driven to write and exorcize her demons with performance. Drawing on her experiences, Emily’s raw emotion and undeniable strength is evident in every word and chord. Emily is unfailingly honest in her music.

Her focus is empowerment, catharsis and genuine connection with her audience. Her first full length album is called "Betrayal" (2021).

This is what Emily Adams says about SEYDEL harmonicas:

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Emily Adams
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