Fernando Jiménez

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Fernando Jiménez

Fernando has more than 25 years career and he is one of the most prominent harp player in the Blues scene nowadays. He has been a member of legendary bands like Chocolate Blues Express and Special 20.

In addition to collaborating with different national artists such as La Vaca Azul with whom he participated in several albums, he has accompanied countless renowned musicians such as Kirk Fletcher, Gaby Jogeix, Greg Izor , Tonky de la Peña, Tail Dragger or RJ Mischo.

In addition to his parallel projects such as The Midnight Cannonball Blues Orchestra and regular collaborator in Gaby Jogeix and César Crespo Pinball´s Blues Party bands, he is a founding member of one of the most important blues bands in the country, The 44 Dealers with whom he has published three albums and has been permanently touring in theaters as well as in the prestigious festivals of Béjar, Cáceres, Jazz Minde or Enclave de Agua, to name a few, over the past 10 years and with which he has starred in one of the most Interesting projects in recent times in Madrid, “Berlin Blues Sessions by The 44 Dealers” where he has collaborated with artists such as Victor Puertas, Mingo Balaguer and Antonio Serrano.

A trajectory that will soon be the reason for the premiere of the documentary "The 44 Dealers ... A Blues Band". In love with the instrument and true expert both at a musical and technical level. For years he has taught private lessons, as well as seminars on tone, amplification, microphone or effects and held numerous master classes at different events such as the Valladolid Blues Festival, “Harpvard Meeting” or Harmonica Camp with Danny del Toro.



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Fernando Jiménez
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