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Gerald Bambey


He started playing the diatonic harmonica at the age of ten and became strongly linked to the instrument. He is open to all styles of music and especially enjoys 'Jazzblues.' Over thirty years of stage experience in various formations led him to appearances on the radio and television, as well as to all prestigious German and many European jazz festivals. At the farthest, he found himself at gigs in Lima (Peru) with stopovers in Caracas (Venezuela) and Quito (Ecuador):  

“I never would have dreamed that one day the 'bluesharp' would take me halfway around the world.”

Listening to the overblow technique for the first time was a key moment. “Integrating overblows into blueslicks is great fun. And even better, it opens up immense possibilities to expand your musical horizon. This way, I find the diatonic harmonica a full-fledged instrument.”

Gerald is a multi-faceted player and uses a full chromatic scale over three octaves.He has been associated with SEYDEL since the mid 90s:

“Back then I had already worked a lot with horn sections, and I needed keys like Eb, Bb or Ab. Online retail didn’t exist yet, and the distributors in my area were brilliant at waiting times of up to four weeks. Only SEYDEL could help me out. One call to Klingenthal and I found the FAVORIT in my mailbox three days later.”

Today, Gerald plays the 1847 CLASSIC with full-length coverplates prefering Beta-Harps by Ben Bouman. With his diatonic harmonica he earned second place in the SEYDEL open 2008 in Klingenthal. In 2009 he took third place (Category: diatonic solo, jazz/melody) at the International World Harmonica Festival in Trossingen. Now in 2013 he is endorsed by the number one company in steel reeds and we are proud to have him on board.

Gerald Bambey
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