John Stephens†

"I was recently introduced to SEYDEL harmonicas when my band, "Brethren" opened for Watermellon Slim in Hot Springs, Arkansas.

Slim showed me one of the harps and shared with me how to find SEYDEL whom I never knew of prior to this day.

I learned of all the special tunings the company provided as well as some with stainless steel reeds which really excited me!

Since then I've began playing SEYDEL harps and love the attack and tone as well as their expert craftmanship. The stainlesss steel reeds are sweet and have a much brighter tone. They really stand out for my style of playing and are very durable. SEYDEL are one of a kind harps and an answer to the needs of any harp player. The company has been reliable and stands behind their product."

>direct contact to "Brethren"

John Stephens†
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