Karl Cabbage

In 1994 Karl Cabbage was stationed on a Navy base 40 miles from Memphis. Whenever possible he hitchhiked to busk and play harp on Beale Street and/or catch new heroes Primich, Johhny Clyde Copeland and B.B. King. Off base, Karl quickly joined the scene and now treasures memories such as sipping warm-up whiskey in the pouring rain with Pinetop and Snooky Pryor before taking stage at the Sonny Boy Festival.

These memories and experiences constitute the band's name "West of Memphis".

Karl Cabbage is the band leader and most excellent harp player. Tom Walpole is a Hawaiian guitar player.

They put the band together in 1999. " Guitarist Tom Walpole, born and raised in Hawaii, has a style influenced by the slack key guitar. Tom seamlessly grew into the blues after playing Hawaiian music as they both originate from deep roots within a culture and sprout from social oppression.

Karl and Tom co-found the band in 1999 performing and recording with an array of sidemen.

"Honey Pie" was recorded at the Griffintown Cafe in Montreal, Canada and produced under the watchful eye of producer Bharath Rajakumar. It contains 14 tracks of authentic American blues music, including numbers penned by Tom Walpole and Karl Cabbage. Other tracks include two titles authored by Blues savant Geoff "the Guru" Starin and a selection of genuine blues favorites.

Here's a review:

"Honey Pie" was recorded live in Montreal, Canada. Talk about a road trip. We have 14 tracks here and a ton of good stuff. Check it out. I won't lie to you about harp players since I am one. Visit the band's website at www.westofmemphis.com On yea, the cover art is great. I hope they got a t-shirt with that cover. I WILL have one if that's the case. Enjoy your summer. This will help. One love............" blue barry

Karl Cabbage

Karl Cabbage
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